How do you make Pom-Bears?

The delicious teddy shaped potato snacks are made by mixing together potato powder, water, starches and salt. The resulting dough is rolled out flat and the teddy shapes are cut out using a big roller. These then travel along a conveyor belt as they are dried. Afterwards the Pom-Bears are fried carefully in a quality sunflower oil blend which makes them nice and crisp before we add the flavour. Once they are really tasty the little bears are foil wrapped to keep them fresh for you to enjoy.

Are Pom-Bears suitable for vegetarians?

Yes – all Pom-Bear products are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Do Pom-Bears contain nuts or sesame seeds?

None of the Pom-Bear range contains nuts and we do not handle nuts in our factory. None of our products contain sesame seeds either.

Do Pom-Bears contain gluten?

Pom-Bear potato snacks are gluten free and are therefore an ideal snack for anyone suffering from wheat intolerance.

Are Pom-Bears healthy?

Pom-Bear contain no artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives and are under 100 calories per pack. We've also improved the Pom-Bear recipe over the years to make them better for you. Now they contain much less salt and are fried in sunflower oil which is naturally low in saturated fat. See the Snacks section of this website for more information.