POM-BEAR, the light and crispy bear-shaped fun snack was born in 1987 with the classic POM-BEAR Original. Since then POM-BEAR has added a number of flavours and currently there are three in the range: Original, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar.


POM-BEAR is crisp and light, made from top quality ingredients and simply melts in the mouth. Plus all POM-BEAR snacks are gluten free and contain no artificial colours or flavours. We're sure that the tasty products as well as the POM-BEAR character will bring a smile to your face and be enjoyed by family and friends alike.

POM-BEAR grows and grows...


...and with him so does the brand. His appearance has changed over the years but some features have remained constant: he is always wearing his crown and his red & green neckerchief and he is always smiling.


Take a look and compare for yourself!




How are POM-BEARs manufactured?

The delicious bear shaped potato snacks are made from mixing together potato powder, water, starches and salt. The resulting dough is rolled out flat and the POM-BEAR shapes are cut out using a big roller.


These then travel along a conveyor belt as they are dried. Afterwards the POM-BEARs are cooked carefully in high quality sunflower oil which makes them nice and crisp before adding the flavour. Once they are really tasty the little bears are foil wrapped to keep them fresh for you to enjoy.